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An Immigrant in America?
Syndicor Immigration Navigators™ can help you connect with US and Canadian employers. With the help of a Syndicor Immigration Navigator™, you can expect to get your job offer in 90 days or less. You name your own price for a valid job offer and pay the Syndicor Immigration Navigator™ only as much as you agree on. Registration in the directory is free.    
simple and reliable methods, proven by successful immigrants
We learn from the stories of successful immigrants. On the example of the immigration story of Albert Einstein, let us explain what MyADVOCATE.ORG can do for you.

Einstein. Maybe you've heard of him?
Holder of dual German-Swiss citizenship. Refugee. Skilled worker. Guest professor. Father of two sons. US green card holder. Naturalized US citizen. The most important scientist of the 20th century. An immigrant who came to the USA under legal status similar to today's skilled workers, Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist Albert Einstein is widely regarded as the most important scientist of the 20th century and one of the greatest physicists of all time.

what can our immigration navigators do for you?
Syndicor Immigration Navigators™ can help you connect with North American employers. You can expect to get your job offer in 90 days or less. You name your own price for a valid job ready offer and pay only as much as you want. Application and registration in the directory is free.    

more information about our services:

The MyADVOCATE™ Reverse Job Directory is currently piloting a new initiative to link skilled immigrants who are already in the USA or Canada, to jobs and employers. Skilled job ready immigrants from any country can apply for free.


Before you successfully apply for a job, you must to come to North America.


Visit USA or Canada through temporary (2-5 weeks) Adult ESL Student or Visitor Visa Programs and live in the home of the Syndicor Immigration Navigator. Do job interviews with a student or visitor visa, with the help of your Immigration Navigator. Once you obtain a valid job offer, return back to your home country and complete work visa by mail.

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The immigrants section of the Reverse Job Directory is an internet listing of skilled immigrant professionals and tradespersons, who are interested in living and working in the USA or Canada. The Immigrants Reverse Job Directory (USA and Canada) is circulated through the families, relatives and family friends of Syndicor Immigration Navigators™ to employers, regional recruiters, employment agencies and other social networks who are currently seeking skilled workers across a range of industries.

Once you accept an offer from a Syndicor Immigration Navigator™, you will be invited to interact with his/her family and social network. The invitation may be as simple as a phone call, byt it may also include an invitation to come visit and stay for a couple days: maybe for a weekend, maybe even for a week or two. If you wish to protect your privacy, you may stay at your place and the Syndicor Immigration Navigator™ may interact with you via telephone conversations and emails. Subject to the terms of Navigator's bid, you may also be invited for a family lunch, dinner, party, some culture or sport event where you will be introduced to Navigator's social networks.

Probably the best option is an invitation to stay with the family of Syndicor Immigration Navigator™ for a couple days. While visiting Navigator's family, you will be gradually introduced to the Navigator's social network. Information about your career plans will be forwarded through the through the families, relatives and family friends of the Syndicor Immigration Navigator™ to the right people on the right places.

After you register in the online directory, you can immediately start posting active Immigration Job Ready Offers. Your listing in the Reverse Job Directory at is free. All immigrant job offers are published anonymously, your name and address is not revealed to any of the Syndicor Immigration Navigators™ until you decide to work with one of them and select his/her preliminary offer.

We will publish on the internet as many offers as you wish. If your job ready offer does not bring enough responses from Syndicor Immigration Navigators™, you may re-list the offer as many times as you wish, without any re-listing fee. You may even freely publish multiple Immigration Job Ready Offers, focused on different segments of your immigrant qualifications and targeting different immigration-ready segments of the job markets.

what happens if someone wants to hire you?

At the beginning, you do not negotiate directly with employers, but with the Syndicor Immigration Navigators™. They reply to your offer with bids to help you. Some bids may include an invitation you to stay with their families, to connect you with Navigators' friends and relatives, and to build on these connections with a goal to find an Job Seeker - Employer connection or an immigration work visa sponsor for you. The "golden rule" is that the Navigator's family should handle you like they would hande their own family member, who needs to find a job.

Many fair listings receive their first bids within 24 hours or less and close a deal with one of the bidding Syndicor Immigration Navigators™ within 48-72 hours.

With the help of your Immigration Navigator, you will attend as many job interviews as you can manage. After you obtain a valid job offer, or after your stay with the Navigator's family ends, the best strategy is to return back to your home country. You can finish all pre-negotiated work issues and and complete all paperwork related to your job-verified visa by telephone and mail with your local US or Canadian Embassy, without costly and risky adjustments of non-immigration visa.

Several of the Syndicor Immigration Navigators™ have personal connections to licensed immigration lawyers, who can represent you in completion of your immigration procedure. You are under no obligation to accept these navigator-lawyer connections, however. You will always be free to choose an immigration lawyer by yourself.

important information about financial rewards

With every listing in the MyADVOCATE™ Immigrants Reverse Job Directory, you also disclose a financial reward. Value of the financial reward is your promise to the Syndicor Immigration Navigator™ to pay him/her a financial amount in exchange for his/her successful assistance. If the Immigration Navigator does not deliver on his/her promises, you pay nothing. Some conditions are involved.

need some time before you decide?

Do you or your immigration attorney think you qualify for registration in the immigrants reverse job directory?

If you are not sure if you qualify, check your immigration job ready qualifications.